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Phil's paintings have hung in the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from 2019 to 2021, as well as in the homes of his many collectors. Originals range in price from $500-$50,000.


"Back Where I Started" hanging in the Royal Alberta Museum.


Phillip Risby, born in Calgary, Alberta Canada, is a self-taught artist. He first became interested in art while watching his mother drawing beautiful caricatures of lovely ladies on scrap pieces of paper when he was of pre-school age.

He studied art in high school, and considered a career in commercial art. but found it too restrictive creatively.


Then as daily life and responsibilities of family and work consumed his energy, art was forgotten. Most of his time was spent in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada before making the move to Pasadena, where he now resides.

He believes that art should speak to issues of social injustice, which explains why many of his works reflect the complexities of black life in North America.

Phil refers to his painting style as semi-surreal, not too surreal that it turns away the people who prefer realism, yet surreal enough, he hopes to prompt a second look that will evoke introspection and the awakening of other dormant emotions in the viewer.

He continually lends his voice and his support to young artists of all kinds and is an active member of the Arts communities in Los Angeles and Canada.

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